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London’s First Boundary : Walking the Roman Wall

By following the path of the Roman Wall, we will discover the secrets of Roman London on this guided walk around the City.

Londonium was founded just over 2000 years ago when the Roman Emperor Claudius sent a force of 40,000 soldiers and elephants into this new land to establish a new military and trading post

While retracing the footsteps of the Romans, We will hear about governors and gladiators, about Forums, Forts, Amphitheatre and Temples and see some of the original remaining defensive wall built around the city which has helped to define the boundary of the City up to modern day.

01 June 2019

13:00 -15:00

Admission: £12

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Image: Daniella King


Tower Hill Tube Station

Trinity Square London EC3N 4DJ

07958 237253

I will be at the Trinity Square Exit of the Tube Station

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