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Industrial History of Dagenham Dock

Dagenham is instantly associated with the huge Ford factory that opened in 1931. However the Dagenham Dock has an industrial history going back to the early 1800's. This walk will look at a complex history that includes explosives manufacturing, shipbuilding and power generation. You'll get to see the site where the last battleship built on the Thames was completed, London's other flood relief barrier, oil storage depot's, scrapyards and a fantastic stretch of the Thames which is an empty white patch on the A-Z. This is a longer walk - around 5 miles, but fans of Patrick Keiller's Robinson films, and Iain Sinclair's books will enjoy being in this extremely off the beaten track part of London.

17 June 2019

11:00 -14:00

Admission: £12

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Dagenham Dock Station

Dagenham Dock Station Chequers Lane London RM9 6PR


Outside station

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