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Within or Without – Wards of the City of London

Not to be confused with Parish boundaries, the wards are a survival of the medieval governmental system that allowed very small areas to exist as self-governing units within the wider city. We will discover the demarcation sites of the Wards as well as viewing several of Wren's wonderful churches and other interesting buildings of the City of London.

The Wards are both electoral/political sub-divisions and permanent ceremonial, geographic and administrative entities within the City. The boundaries have changed in the recent past but the numbers and names have not. There are 25 wards in the City, so plenty of scope to discover 'boundaries', the fascinating history, how the system has survived the centuries also the why and wherefore of the ward names and characteristics.

22 June 2019

14:00 -16:00

Admission: £12.00

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Image: Map - City of London Corporation


Blackfriars Station

179 Queen Victoria Street SW20 9ER


Main entrance Blackfriars Station, North Side, Queen Victoria Street

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