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The Liveable City

A liveable city is a city where people feel their personal boundaries are respected, but also a city where no segregation is allowed to take place no matter how diverse the city is. City planners, architects and developers can help that happen by putting people first, so liveable and characterful places can blossom.

Because of the long Danish tradition for putting people first in city planning, the Royal Danish Embassy is now hosting The Liveable City, a conference that in London is held for the fourth time in connection with the London Festival of Architecture.

The Liveable City is a 3-day conference that let British and Danish urban experts as well as the public take part in discussions about how to create cities that is able to blur the boundaries between people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to the benefit of all. The conference will feature seminars on topical issues such as sustainability, affordable housing, accessible transport, the city at night, and several examples of how architecture can help different communities gel together is shown.

The seminars will present speakers that are representing key Danish and British architectural practices, engineering firms, developers, councils and municipalities, manufacturers and academic institutions.

18 June - 20 June

9:00 -16:00

Admission: FREE

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The Royal Danish Embassy

55 Sloane Street London SW1X 9SR