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Spaces for life: designing the boundaries of how we use our city (Walking Tours)

Where do you usually sit outside for lunch? Would you choose to sit at a coffee shop if it was windy, dark or noisy?

The different outdoor microclimates create invisible psychological boundaries between our urban spaces. These boundaries can be flexible. Sometimes we want to blur them, to encourage seamless flow from space to space. Other times we want to enhance them, creating a sense of definition, establishing identity.

These boundaries are shaped and influenced by the buildings and the landscape in between, affecting our comfort and driving our decisions. Space, orientation and materiality of the urban context creates specific climatic conditions which derives from and can be influenced by design. Early simulation can help manage them and steer them to deliver an enjoyable urban landscape.

Hilson Moran’s experts in environmental microclimate will be conducting walking tours along the beautiful riverfront from Tower Bridge to Hay's Galleria, considering the unseen boundaries. Explore with us how spaces are used, how the microclimate influences us, and how the built environment complements the landscape. Each 30 minute tour will include a visit to the supporting month long exhibition.

Tour times include:
Tuesday 4, 17.30 pm
Tuesday 11, 8.30 am
Tuesday 18, 12.30 pm
Tuesday 25, 17.30 pm

25 June 2019

17:30 -18:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Hilson Moran


Courage Yard

Courage Yard Shad Thames, London SE1 2NJ

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