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The ‘pause’ installation, is an opportunity for visitors and residents alike in the busy London metropolis, to reflect on the impact of simple daily activities on the environment. Our inter-disciplinary, international team of professionals, university tutors, and students will design a framework for urban furniture near the river, out of re-used construction timber

Members of the public can participate by simply resting on a bench and having a drink or lunch in the temporary haven created - maybe they will even speak to each other! Or, they can become even more involved, by participating in workshops, depositing urban waste – eg. takeaway coffee cups or plastic water bottles - and causing the bench and haven space to grow. By the end of the festival there will be a measure-able amount of material that will give observers an understanding of how much waste is produced by daily city activity…. Much that might end up in the river and waterways otherwise.

‘Pause’ enables urban participants to experience alternative recycling opportunities, have an awareness of their personal contribution to the cycle of materials/goods, and importantly gives them an opportunity to connect and engage. By physically building a bench-wall-boundary, bridges can be built!

02 June - 09 June

14:00 -16:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Ilona Hay


Potters Fields Park

Potters Fields Park, Tooley Street, London PL3 4HS


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