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Learning from the River Roding Exhibition

Learning from the River Roding is an exhibition at Barking Town Hall between 3 and 14 June. The exhibits include a 1:1000 model, by students of Cass Unit 14, of the River Roding which forms the western boundary edge to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Other exhibits on display include A1 drawings and a book by students inspired by Indian miniature painting and other ethnographic research material including site studies and interviews with local people living in the Wards bounding the River Roding.

In 2018 a report was commissioned by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham through a development grant funded by the Mayor of London as part of the Creative Enterprise Zone mayoral initiative to ensure artists and small creative businesses can thrive in London. The basis of this report, consisting of a research study and action plan, set the context for the programme of academic and architectural research led by architects Pierre d'avoine, Pereen d’avoine with post graduate students from Unit 14, Cass School of Architecture and Tamara Horbacka, Cultural Policy and Commissioning, LDDB.

Students have been researching the River Roding and making design proposals for the River Roding and environs in the context of LBBD Creative Enterprise Zone. The aim is to work with local residents, community and voluntary sector groups, businesses as well as arts and cultural organisations in the Borough to evolve fresh strategies for cultural infrastructure, industrial heritage, urban renewal and the public realm in the context of a rapidly changing environment.

Learning from the River Roding is a partnership project between the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Cultural Commissioning and Cass School of Architecture.

The exhibition will continue from 20th - 30th June at the LFA event below: Unit 14 at The Cass Summer Show.

03 June - 06 June

Admission: FREE

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