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Behind Closed Doors

FBM Architects are delighted to return to London Festival of Architecture with our Studio Late: “Behind closed doors” in response to 2019’s theme of Boundaries our collective ideas and perceptions will be translated and presented through three sub-sections:
Behind closed doors:
A rolling showreel of short video recordings will be screened of entrances to our own houses and thresholds of buildings we choose to visit. Complemented by text /sound recordings response to our own perceptions when crossing the boundary. The walls and tables will show drawings and models of our schemes focusing on entrances and thresholds.
Under the surface:
Throughout the office- images of our work will be displayed alongside details showing wall build ups. Also including a life size section through one of the office walls “x-ray vision “concept of breaking through hidden boundaries of a building
Not in my back yard:
A mini exhibition utilising our garden to display research the changing demographic of the local community and the socio-economic divisions and how these are manifest in the townscape.
Delicious drinks & snacks will be served for all to enjoy!

21 June 2019

17:30 -20:00

Admission: FREE

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Fraser Brown Mackenna Architects Offices

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