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A Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Wall

The hosts of last years sell out tour, A Case of Mistaken Identity, bring you a walking tour with a twist (literally). Join Jeremy Rye and Dan Gibbons, as they unpack their travelling bar across the City of London to mix up a selection of complimentary cocktails and take you through a liquid history of the capital.

The story of London is steeped in the consumption of alcohol and other stimulants. From the Roman’s Wine Amphorae, the introduction of cider making by the Normans, the coffee houses of the 17th century and gin craze of the 18th, through to the status cocktails of the eighties and nineties; each era has been defined by its drinks of choice. In turn, these have left their mark on the city, in street names like Coopers Lane and Vine Street or buildings like the Brewers Hall or the many historic pubs.

Inspired by the festival’s theme of Boundaries the route will follow the remains of the medieval city walls - traditionally the border between propriety and debauchery - and uncover the stories, and drinks, behind London’s licentiousness.

Ticket price will include complimentary cocktails

18 June 2019

18:30 -20:30

Admission: £25


Organiser Info

Image: William Hogarth (Public Domain)


Tower Hill Garden (Meeting point)

Tower Hill Garden, London EC3N 4DJ


We will be meeting by the section of Roman Wall in Tower Hill Garden

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