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Zone in, zone out. Should boundaries be celebrated?

Contemporary design features such as shared spaces and open-plan offices abolish the idea of boundaries, in different contexts. However boundaries still persist as a positive tool, for instance in and around our cities, where areas are marked out to control development - for health, height or heritage. In London, the Green Belt aims to protect open space and limit unsustainable sprawl. Conservation areas prevent rampant and insensitive development. Protected view corridors make sure the icons of our cityscape aren't lost to market speculation. But who are these boundaries really benefiting? This lively debate will invite conflicting ideas and arguments to find out whether development boundaries in London are helping or hindering us.

04 June 2019

18:00 -20:30

Admission: £0 / £9.12

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Cowcross Gallery

75 Cowcross Street EC1M 6EL


Fully accessible venue