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City Benches: WHIPPET GOOD

WHIPPET GOOD by Delve & DragonSmoke Construction

Our design aims to counter the political and economic turmoil London is currently battling, with light-hearted relief in the form of a sleeping whippet. Research has shown the mood boosting qualities that dogs can provide in the workplace, bringing support and comfort to those that come into contact. It is commonly said that dogs live in the moment, with no worry for what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow.

If you are feeling stressed, always remember to whippet, whippet real good.

This bench is one of five new benches across Cheapside and the result of a design competition organised by the London Festival of Architecture, the City of London Corporation and Cheapside Business Alliance. Each bench showcases one of London’s brilliant emerging architects and designers and is a public gift that help the City remain an exceptional place to live, work and visit.


03 June - 30 June

Admission: FREE

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Bow Churchyard

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