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Platforms And Their Protagonists

We are all aware of the physical manifestation and vast energy consumption of the internet, revealed through the 'data centre'; a windowless hum of silicone and copper springing up in semi-urban environments around the world. But what evidence is there of the multitude of digital platforms that rely on this global superstructure?

Data-hungry tech giants incite the growth of an unseen technological social production. In an age of accelerated computational reliance, digital platforms cross the invisible boundaries of privacy, into our homes and workplaces, controlling what we consume in the pursuit of capital.

SOS will guide participants through an exciting, hands-on future gazing exercise in which we will analyse some of the most successful digital platforms’ operations as they blur the territorial lines between private and public space. How has the digital platform made its mark on our experience of the city? What is the physical limit to the platform and how far will it continue to test the limits of efficiency and accountability?

Using timelines and interactive model making, we will imagine altered social and political environments, making critical commentary on our contemporary condition. Where will tomorrow’s digitally curated boundaries cut through and who will it affect?

22 June 2019

10:00 -16:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Compare the Passport Market (dot) Com, Kishan San 2018


Anise Gallery

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