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Old Kent Road guided walks

Join us for free guided walks along one of South London's oldest thoroughfares, the Old Kent Road, and see a different side to a place many people only know as 'the cheapest square on the Monopoly board'.

This route will focus on the high street – a mix of international food shops, multicultural cafes & restaurants, buzzing barbers & beauty salons, churches & religious buildings, community spaces, and traditional pubs, but also a place marred by heavy traffic, cluttered pavements, poor public spaces, alienating car parks, and lack of investment.

As well as picking out points of interest from the area's past, present and future, plus meeting a few local traders along the way, we'll be asking how you think the streetscape might evolve as the neighbourhood undergoes huge change.

Could this busy road, instead of being a boundary that divides the area, be something that ties it all together? How might proposed new large-scale developments engage with the road? And what other functions does the high street serve other than simply retail?

Walks will run alongside the OKR Design Challenge activities inside 231 Old Kent Road and will last 1.5–2 hours. Both events are free to attend. Children welcome.

09 June 2019

14:00 -16:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Alexander Christie


231 Old Kent Road

231 Old Kent Road SE1 5LU

Shop space on corner of Old Kent Road and Penry Street

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