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Beyond the Map

How can we discover invisible factors and borders that impact Londoners? So many variables affect our lives without us realising, but what if there was an app to make intangible boundaries visible?

'Beyond the Map' is that app. It shows LFA visitors London's intangible boundaries and allows you to discover the data behind these invisible elements through augmented reality. The app enables you to visualise data on wind, pollution and other social, economical and environmental data sets within the London Bridge area.

When using the app, you'll be able to select 'key activators' to begin the experience at designated locations. Specific data sets will be illustrated through augmented reality displayed on your phone, allowing space to reflect and experience intangible threshold that surround you. The overall experience aims to start a conversation on the role of data gathering and visualisation in today's society.

Hard physical borders are not the decisive factor towards our conception of a boundary. 'Beyond the Map' exposes the soft intangible boundaries of our present-day society.

Reveal the intangible boundaries of London Bridge – download 'Beyond the Map' from

This AR experience is brought to London Bridge by AKT II, Hilson Moran and Tyréns UK in collaboration with VU.CITY

01 June - 30 June

Admission: FREE

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Website: AKT II

Twitter: @AKT_II

Instagram: @akt_ii

Image: AKT II


0207 250 7777

The experience will not be in a fixed location rather accessible within central London though an augmented reality application on mobile phones.