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Designing Well

Wellbeing describes how people are doing in life; their health, happiness, and security, and the sense that the things they do are worthwhile. Buildings play an important role in promoting a healthy life, a factor that’s particularly important now that most of us can spend around 90% of our time indoors.
In recent years, the focus on wellbeing has gained more interest in the building industry, and the growing number of projects seeking certifications demonstrate today’s progress.
However, there are some factors in wellbeing that are more subjective. A space can affect our mood, an art piece can inspire and uplift, a scent can project us back into our childhood and make us feel protected or vulnerable.

How do we design with this in mind? How do we observe it and measure it? As part of WilkinsonEyre’s third Wellness Week, the practice will be hosting an evening talk on Design for Wellbeing from the perspectives of a very diverse panel.

The panel will be formed by artist duo Studio Roso who fuse backgrounds in architecture, art and design making work that radiates the ephemeral nature of our environment; environmental and consumer psychologist at University of Surrey, Eleanor Ratcliffe who focuses on intersections between place experience and restorative environments and architect, Mental Wellbeing Ambassador, WELL AP and author of Happy by Design, Ben Channon – associate at Assael Architecture.

The talk will be introduced by WilkinsonEyre director Paul Baker and chaired by WilkinsonEyre Sustainability + Wellbeing Group and WELL AP Valentina Miceli.

18 June 2019

18:30 -21:00

Admission: FREE


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WilkinsonEyre, 33 Bowling Green Lane, EC1R OBJ EC1R 0BJ


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