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If the hum of the city represents both the audible culmination and the background of our everyday, we thought we ought make a feast of it, because of all the sounds of us en masse gathered in one space allot of its gotta be around food right? Yea we got the trains, buses and sirens but where is the chatter? –it’s in our restaurants, outside cafes, pubs and around street food vendors! It’s the sizzle of a kebab, the clink of glasses, the meeting of friends.

On Bermondsey Street a lonely incongruous boxy substation radiates its hum into the mix combining its eerie white noise into the growing food destination around London Bridge; it is the background buzz to the clatter of plates and the chatter of dinners.

Through the LFA and Team London Bridge, Mesh in collaboration with Gourmandizing will be live producing a new piece of public art across the walls of this substation. We will be visually marrying the context of white noise into the frenzy of the food market. Buzz gives local food culture producers a chance to express themselves and foodies the chance to hear about the stories behind the drinks and dishes that have founded local livelihoods. We will be chewing the fat with local restaurateurs and bar owners translating their food stories about the dishes that inspired them and today audibly weave into canvas of local sounds.

24 June - 30 June

Admission: FREE

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Image: Gourmandizing London



4 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 2FB